Monday, January 16, 2012

Apple Pie 2011

My family made the tough decision to cut down on the amount of pies we made for Thanksgiving this year. In the end we only made eight...for five people. At least we're getting closer to only having one pie per person.

My contribution, as it is every year, was an apple pie. It looked beautiful before I put it in the oven, but then I may have forgotten about it during that critical time between just undercooked and just starting to burn and it may have baked 5 minutes more than it should have. Luckily I saved it in time so that the crusts were the only inedible part. Which is fine, no one really likes crusts anyway.

Conveniently, I didn't take any pictures of the cooked, tiniest bit singed pie, so here are pictures of the uncooked pie, when it still had so much potential.


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