Monday, May 7, 2012

Sourdough Bread

A few days ago I posted this picture:
and asked if anyone knew what it was. Well, albeit hard to believe, this bowl of bubbling mush transformed into these:
I unfortunately cannot take credit for these lovely and delicious loaves of sourdough. That recognition goes to the bread master of the family, my father. And after seeing the consistent nurturing he provided to his starter (the afore mentioned bowl of mush), I don't know if I'll be able to take credit for any loaf of sourdough any time soon. That might have to be a project to save for when I grow up and am more patient. Plus, why go through such work when I can do nothing and still get fresh sourdough?

So how did he do it? Click through for the recipe.

He used these instructions for starting and maintaining his starter.

Then he followed this recipe for classic San Francisco Style Sourdough, except he used an entire cup of the starter and a tablespoon of salt. He also tried making the recipe without any alterations, but it was much better his way...well, almost his way. I feel that since this is my blog and for the sake of posterity, I should point out that I did have a little something to contribute. I'm the one who suggested to increase the salt (sorry everyone who is trying to watch their sodium intake!!) and you know, I wouldn't argue if you said that the teaspoon difference was what really made this bread.


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