Friday, August 10, 2012

Vegan on the Road

It can be difficult at times to find a good vegan meal when on the road. Of course there's always the french fries, potato chips, or candy you can get at basically any gas station, but when sitting in a car for 9+ hours a day, junk food may not be the most ideal. Here are a few meals we enjoyed as we made our way across the country that kept well without refrigeration, were satisfying, and yet still light:

Spicy avocado hummus, mixed greens, and tomato on a bagel and cream cheese, mixed greens, and tomato on a ciabatta roll with a nectarine and veggie straws on the side.
Nature's Soy Vegetarian Chicken with thyme, salt, and pepper, on a whole wheat roll with a side of cinnamon apple sauce from Gobble Green.
Some notes:
The Tofutti cream cheese lasts for about 4 days in about 70-80˚F without refrigeration. The texture gets a little tofu-like, rather than cream cheesy, but it still tastes good and spreads fine.

You can get fresh produce, such as fruit, tomatoes, lettuce and fresh bread at almost any grocery store you may find along the way. You can buy about two day's worth before it starts going bad.

We picked up hummus in South Dakota and it lasted for about a day. So unless you eat hummus like I do, it might not be the best road snack, unless you know for a fact you'll be able to refrigerate it after a few hours.


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