Sunday, April 1, 2012

Raw Raspberry Cashew Dreamcake

Over a year after I first salivated over this Raw Raspberry Cashew Dreamcake, I finally made it! I am always skeptical of gluten-free, vegan foods, since most taste like cardboard. So I was exceptionally wary of making something that was gluten-free, vegan, AND raw. But Sarah Britton of My New Roots and her beautiful pictures helped me muster up the courage to suppress my apprehension and give it a try, and I must say I was glad I did. The texture of the dreamcake is nice and smooth, it has a great flavor, and perhaps the best part is that it's somewhat healthy since it consists mostly of nuts and fruit and is completely raw, meaning all the nutrients are completely in tact. My only comment is the crust is a bit on the crumbly side. I couldn't find Medjool dates and ended up using Deglet Noor, so perhaps that was my problem (I'm not very well-versed in the differences of dates, so if anyone knows whether Medjool would make my crust less crumbly, please let me know). But if next time I do end up using Deglet Noor again, I think I would try to throw in a few more dates to help the crust stick together better. My other comment (so I guess I actually have two comments) is that since I used a 9" round dish the filling was not as thick as Sarah had pictured. Since a thicker filling looks nicer, I would either multiply the recipe for the filling by 1.5 or would use a smaller dish than the 9" round I used.

Click here for the recipe.


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