Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vegan in New York - B.A.D. Burger

The 6th and final stop of the weekend: B.A.D. Burger in Brooklyn
It's become the tradition to have Sunday brunch before heading on my way back to DC. After a few close calls with missing my bus, and one actual miss, it has also become part of the tradition to eat either near where I am staying or near the bus stop. After a quick search on HappyCow for vegan friendly places near my friend's apartment, we settled on B.A.D. Burger in Williamsburg.

The menu was quite expansive and almost everything on it had the option to be served vegetarian or vegan. There were the usual vegan brunch suspects such as tofu scramble and oatmeal, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the more obscure vegan french toast with a side of veggie sausage. In addition to my own dish, I also sampled my friend's spinach and candied walnut and apple salad, her corn on the cob, and lemon cupcake. My assessment:

French toast: A very close second to Little E's french toast, but I may be a tad biased there. I really liked the multi-grain bread they used - it added just the right amount of sweet and nutty flavors - so it's a good thing that's the only bread option for the vegans. Based on everything I sampled, the french toast would be my recommended dish to order.
Veggie sausage: Okay, but a bit dry. I'm pretty sure this came from a package though, so not really a testament to B.A.D. Burgers' chef.
Spinach and candied walnut and apple salad: Wonderful. Just about the only place you could go wrong with this type of salad is the dressing, but this one was paired with a nice apple vinaigrette. 
Corn on the cob: Nothing fancy, just corn on the cob.
Lemon cupcake: Not bad. A little on the crumbly side, but a great flavor.

All in all, I would visit B.A.D. Burger again. They do a solid job at some good comfort food and with a menu as large as it was, I'm almost certain I could go back every time I'm in New York City and always have something new to try.


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