Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vegan in New York - Angelica Kitchen

Second stop on the vegan tour of New York City: Angelica Kitchen in the East Village

(I apologize for the sub-par photos. Angelica Kitchen was a no phone zone, so these were being taken incognito.)
I've heard rave reviews of Angelica Kitchen, so when we happened to find ourselves a few blocks away at dinner time, I can't say I was exactly heart broken. 

I loved the menu choices and the unique way they combined the fairly typical fare of vegan staples, such as tempeh, tofu, seitan, and vegetables into satisfying dishes that teetered on the edge of revolting against imitating meat and embracing it. Once on the table, however, some dishes left a little something to be desired. Aesthetically they were beautiful, but I think the best way to describe what I mean is that I could tell in some cases that the food was vegan. That's not to say it was a total loss. Far from it actually. For every item that lacked in flavor and texture, there was at least one stand out dish to compensate. I would say the show stealers for the night were the tempeh (the best I've ever had), the seitan burrito with a molĂ© sauce, and the feta in the kale salad. Taking everything into account, I would go back again, no question. Next time I might just say no to the mashed potatoes and corn bread.

Pictured clockwise from top left: southern style corn bread || kale salad with imitation feta || open faced tempeh sandwich with a mushroom gravy over a bed of spinach and a side of mashed potatoes || seitan burrito in a mole and imitation cheese sauce


  1. Not bad pictures for sneaky-devil type photos though. Looks good! Bummer about the taters and cornbread though, those are my staples.