Monday, July 16, 2012

Vegan in New York - Physical GraffiTea

I spent the weekend in New York City to say goodbye to a few friends before I make the big move to Seattle. Not unlike most of my excursions, the theme of the trip quickly evolved into "how much food can Elicia eat in one day." To not let my over indulgence go to waste, I thought I would share with you my vegan food journey over the weekend in New York.

First stop: Physical GraffiTea in the East Village

As we walked along the High Line, we started to work up an appetite, but it was still much too early for dinner. It was then it occurred to my friend what we needed was matcha (a high quality, finely milled green tea) at Physical GraffiTea. When we got there she ordered two iced, soy matchas, one without honey for me. At first it was a bit chalky, bitter, and grassy, but it really started to grow on me as I neared the end of the glass, leaving me with a want for the unique flavor as I sipped my last sips. Luckily for me, as I was finishing my first glass, I noticed Physical GraffiTea had agave nectar. So for the sake of science (and no other reason), I ordered another with agave. Considering I'm a fan of sweet teas, the matcha with agave was the instant winner in my book. But if you're one who drinks your tea without any additives, I would say go for the unsweetened version. Either way though, it was delicious and refreshing. Too bad it was $6 a glass. No wonder they conveniently failed to list the price on the menu.

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